Infertility Causes in men and women

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Infertility senses not being potentially viable to become a pregnant. It is also called as inability to conceive. Now a days so many couples facing infertility issues. Infertility finds in both male and female. Although some narrow minded people still consider that the infertility is women’s problem but the fact is different a third of all concerns of infertility Involve issues with the masculine as well as feminine. Some of the time, it is due to both or due to no reason underlay.

Causes of infertility:

Age – Age is the main factor in women and men. Women’s fertility starts to lower after age 32 where men’s fertility starts to lower after age 40.

Smoking - Smoking increase more chances of infertility in men and women. The toxins included in smoke not only affect your entire body but also includes your reproductive system.

Alcohol – affects sperms count, lower fertility and mobility in men and it affects interfering with menstruation and ovulation in women.

Obesity and Overweight – Obesity is general problem in industrialized countries, Obesity and overweight is main cause of female fertility and an overweight male faces a problem of abnormal sperm.

Eating Habits – Anemic women or who is underweight may faces infertility problem.

More Exercise – a female who exercises more than 7-8 hrs should be the victim of fertility due to ovulation issue.

No Exercise – some time no exercising is also affects fertility due to lower fertility in both female and male.

Infectious Disease – Disease like STI, PID may damage the fallopian tubes in women as well as making spermary inflamed.

Chemical Exposure – Some of the chemical also affects becomes the reason of infertility in men and women

Stress – Mental stress affect ovulation in women and sperms in men.

These are the main possible causes of infertility

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