What is a Neurology and Neurological Disorder

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Today I am going to explain you some concepts in medicinal science. Let’s see first what is neurology, neurologist and neurosurgery.

Neurology is division of medicine that shuffles with function, anatomy and organic clutters of nerves and nervous system. Nervous system contains brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves. Neurology used to protect the brain, spinal cord and nervous system of human body.

Neurologist is a medical practioner who trained in neurology and specialized in to investigate the disorder and medicate neurological conditions. Neurologist refer patients history and advice some them some a neurological disorder examining test of cognitive function, motor strength, sensation and cranial nerves ect. The focus of tests is patient’s nervous system these test always done in neurology and neurosurgery hospital.


Neurosurgery the name itself defines the term as surgery of nervous system. More people anticipate that neurosurgery means brain surgery but it is much different and more. It is the surgery of brain disorder, spinal cord and spinal column disorder and nerves of peripheral within the all portion of body. Depending on the stage of neurological disorders nature neurologist may decide the surgical treatment or non surgical treatment.

Multispeciality hospital of neurology and neurosurgery provides the latest advanced technology to navigate the neuro system. They also provide brain pressure monitoring under experts guidance.

There is a huge list of neurology disorders some of them are

Alzheimer disease Back Pain

Bell Palsy Brain Tumor/ Brain injury

Cerebral palsy Headache, Migraine, tension

Spinal cord injury Stroke

Spine tumor Spinal disorders

How to recognize that facing the neurological disorders

Symptoms of neurological disorders are

Weakness, Headaches, Numbness, Pain, memory loss, paralysis, panic, visual symptoms

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